The below are a selection of video I have either scripted and/or provided voice over for. These videos remain the property of Next Media Animation and The Myanmar Times.

Newborn baby found alive in drain in Spain after being abandoned by mother 40 hours earlier


Israeli man shot dead by guard at holy site in Jerusalem


Australian election 2013: What is a refugee?


Kim Jong-un executes ex-girlfriend by firing squad


Viral video hoax? ‘Man wakes from surgery, hits on own wife’ could be fake


Newlywed wife pushes husband off cliff, killing him one week after they were married


Drunk passenger causes plane to divert to Alaska


World’s largest parbuckling salvage project for Costa Concordia explained


British women face the slammer for drug smuggling in Peru


Mexico Zetas brutal drug lord Miguel Angel Trevino Morales – “Z-40” captured


Mexico border fights, Texas Rangers lobb tear gas and bullets across border


Decapitated, dismembered remains of Honduran journalist found in northern Honduras.


Railway engineer may not properly have engaged handbrakes in Lac-Megantic train derailment


Thirteen dead, at least 50 missing in aftermath of Lac-Megantic train derailment disaster


Woman crashes car through supermarket shop front window in Melbourne


Malaysian Tri San kills one in gang of robbers attacking medical clinic


Developers destroy 4,000 year old pyramid in Peru


PRISM, XKeyscore trawling blamed for family’s internet searches leading to a visit from the feds




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